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Support When Needed

How can we make sure that the child gets the right level of support when it's needed, rather than requiring extra staff continually when the child is engaged and learning?  School budgets are already stretched and support staff can be challenging to plan for.

Data Driven History

Decisions become much easier when there is a history which can be reviewed for a child, showing general problems and progress. The mytaptrack® platform helps show small trends, problem areas, and can help with staffing plans.

Real Time Support

Provide extra support to the classroom when needed using mytaptrack® alerts via email or text message.  These alerts allow central resources to provide on demand support to the classroom when the child needs it.  This can help reduce overstaffing, move children from isolated environments to general education environments, and increase support all at the same time.

Focus on Change

The mytaptrack platform leverages advanced AI which can monitor the behavior patterns of a child.  The team can register to receive alerts when the AI notices a behavior pattern change.  This can help focus the team on those behaviors at critical times, allowing the team to better understand how to more effectively help the child.

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