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Track IEP Goals in remote learning environments

Tracking IEP goals during the COVID-19 crisis can be challenging.  With mytaptrack, both parents and teachers can easily work together to capture student data seamlessly between school and home with very little training.


Simplifying the challenge

Progress monitoring real-time no matter where the student is.

In the current environment, any behavior and progress monitoring solution needs to be able to easily transition from the in-classroom environment to the remote learning environment.

With mytaptrack, this process is simplified.  The mytaptrack button can be sent home with the student, where the parent or caregiver can use it to track goals.  The same tool can also transition back with the student whether the student is going to a hybrid learning situation or full time in the classroom.

The visibility mytaptrack provides becomes a critical piece for both monitoring and supporting, as well as planning for insights into the level of support the students transition back.

The Dashboard

IEP team members can monitor progress from anywhere by logging into their mytaptrack web portal.  So whether classes are in school, remote, or a hybrid model, students can get the support they need.

Hybrid Learning

Not all schools and districts across the country are going to open up in the same way.  mytaptrack supports both the remote learning environment, but can easily be used in a hybrid learning environment.  This allows the transition of data collection, goal monitoring and awareness to transition no matter where the school is in the process of reopening

Data Driven Decisions

As schools transition back to in classroom learning, there will be a variety of behavior and social emotional issues the children face.  By tracking with mytaptrack, these trends can be assessed before and during reopening, to allow for better data driven decision making.

Data Collected at Home

When data is collected at home, teachers can step into a coach role with the parent.  This not only helps the parent with behavior challenges at home, but also provides the student with a higher level of support when they can't be in the classroom

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