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Count the Moments that Shape Children with Special Needs.

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Work with us to build your plan

What's Included

  • Unlimited access to the portal

  • Unlimited team members for the student

  • mytaptrack Track 2.0

  • Free upgrades of the Track 2.0

  • Free virtual training classes lead by a live instructor

  • Free support

Plan Types

Non-Transferable Subscription:

Subscribe a single student for the year.  This license stays with the student, but comes at a lower cost

Transferable Subscription:

This subscription is designed to support functional behavior assessments, where the student being tracked can be changed up to once per day.

Are you the parent or relative of a child with special needs?

Are you a teacher or educator for children receiving special education?

My name is Nikody Keating and I'm the founder of mytaptrack.


I created mytaptrack to help count the moments that shape children like my son Owen. We use mytaptrack in my son's school to catch every symptom and make sure he receives the best treatment.


Owen has autism but mytaptrack works for all special needs and disabilities. Whether you are the parent, teacher or doctor of a child with special needs, mytaptrack can help you.

I believe every child deserves an inspired future. We're committed to helping over 7 million children with special needs achieve success in the classroom and beyond.


Contact for press and investor inquiries.

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