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Web Portal Update

Thanks to feedback from our customers, we've upgraded our web portal! We love all the new features and hope you do too. Here are some of the great things you can expect the next time you log in to your web portal account.

Decreased Time for Set Up

We've simplified the amount of time necessary for set up, so that you can start tracking behaviors in less than five minutes. We've reduced the amount of screens you need to click through in order to add behaviors, devices and team members. Schedules can now also be automatically populated based on the day of week, with support for A/B schedules for students.

Ease of Navigation

The new web portal has all your students listed on the left hand side, and you can switch students regardless of what page you are on in the portal. The dashboard is also configured with the most useful charts for each student. If you are tracking only occurrences, there will be two charts. If you are also tracking durations, there will be three charts, including the duration chart. If you want to track when a new intervention was started, this can be added using the "Support Change/Milestone" feature, which will show up on the dashboard as you are looking at the data. The dashboard can still be customized to show the data most important to helping your student accomplish their goals.

Improved Access Management Controls

We've also improved our access management controls so you can choose which parts of a student's report to share with which team members. If there is a teacher on a student's team who only needs to know about two behaviors being tracked, or if a parent wants to share information about one behavior with an outside medical provider, that access can be granted. Those team members will not have access to any of the other behaviors being tracked.

We'd love to know what you think about our new web portal! Do you have more ideas about how we can improve? Please let us know by emailing us at We are always looking for ways to simplify your data gathering!

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