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Track 2.0

We are so excited to announce that our new device, Track 2.0 will be available this fall!

We received fantastic feedback about our first device and have been working hard to manufacture a new device to address the concerns in our first device. Here is what you can expect from our new device.

Track without WiFi

Track 2.0 has the capability of remembering when it was clicked, even without WiFi. When it is reconnected to WiFi, it will upload the data tracked (it may take up to 30 minutes for the data to upload to the portal). This will make much easier to track a student's behavior regardless of where they are in the building, even in those areas where the WiFi is not a strong as you might like. In addition, you can give a device to parents/guardians so they can track behaviors during times of distant learning without needing to worry about their internet situation.

Track more behaviors

With Track 2.0, you will be able to track up to five behaviors, allowing you to track progress towards more IEP goals with one device. In addition, behaviors can now be tracked once every second, instead of once every fifteen seconds, allowing you to pinpoint with even more accuracy exactly when and how often behaviors are occurring.

Track more students

One of the biggest limitations of our previous device was that each student needed a separate button, requiring teachers to juggle multiple devices if they had multiple students to track. With our new device, teachers can simply press and hold the button, say "Switch to (name or codeword)", and start tracking a different student.

Track with notes

Sometimes it's important to have a note to provide context to a behavior. Our portal has always had the capability to add notes, but with Track 2.0, you can press and hold the button, say, "Note" and then add a comment of up to 15 seconds. This comment will be transcribed, timestamped and added to the notes for the student for that day. You can also record who is tracking the student, if multiple people will be using the device. Simply press and hold the button, say "set rater (name or codeword)" and that information will be recorded to the portal.

We are so excited about our new device, and hope you will love it too! If you are interested in learning more or ordering devices for your school for the fall, you can email us at or click here to schedule a demonstration and receive a quote. We can't wait to hear from you!

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