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Simplifying Behavior Support & Management

Progress Monitoring for Behavior Support

mytaptrack® allows educators to track students' behavioral response to any intervention or event where data can help analyze the impacts on student outcomes. Monitoring progress to targets and goals as defined in IEPs, BIPs, and other management plans can be simplified.


mytaptrack's® simplicity gives greater assurance with compliance mandates, accurate report outs, and management of IEP directed outcomes. The simplification mytaptrack® provides creates a peace of mind that your students are learning, teachers are happier and more effective. Time and efforts with potential litigation issues are reduced.

Gain Hours of Instructional Time

mytaptrack eliminates hours of duplicate work, No more tallies and codes or manual entry of the data at a later time. Educators capture identified behaviors with simple clicks. Each click records the data immediately in a secure portal. The time saved when clicks capture, record, and present the data extends the instructional time and preparation for teaching and learning. 

Flexible Tracking in any Learning Environment

mytaptrack® provides flexibility in how educators, parents, or providers capture behavioral data. Use the discreet handheld button to capture the data in a busy classroom where teaching and learning can't be interrupted. Use the browser controls for remote learning environments which works well in coordination with other virtual meeting controls. Seamlessly switch between modes as needed!

Communication & Coaching

mytaptrack® provides opportunities to create a common language and gain deep insights into helping students needing behavioral support. The data empowers support teams to communicate with, coach, and support each other. The opportunity in remote and blended learning environments to support parents, other providers, and even tutors can have tremendous impacts on student outcomes.

Instant Notifications

Customizable alert settings can be set to keep the right people informed at the right time. mytaptrack's® notification system helps reduce response times and overstaffing costs while informing student support team members with the information they need to make strong educational and/or treatment based decisions.

Offline Mode (when using handheld button)

mytaptrack's® handheld button can track student behaviors anywhere at any time regardless of Wi-Fi connection. After tracking the device will send the data to the dashboard once connected to a known Wi-Fi network.

Take Notes in Real Time

mytaptrack's® handheld button can transcribe 12 seconds of verbal notes allowing educators to capture information at the time it occurs, reducing the time and effort to manually record at a later time when the observation is less accurate.

Deep Customization, Easy to Manage

The mytaptrack® solution complements any behavior management program. Our specialists work with your team to design an effective implementation based on your needs, challenges, and goals.

Creating a Common Language 

mytaptrack® provides the ability to create a common language by operationally defining the behavior to be tracked creating stronger, more consistent data.

Included Upgrades

We're constantly working to improve our customer's experiences. Enhancements and upgrades are always included as part of your paid subscription period.

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