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mytaptrack Setup Instructions

Set Up Overview

Setting up your mytaptrack device is a two-step process:

  1. Connect your mytaptrack® device to WiFi.*

  2. Set Up your mytaptrack® dashboard for the device.​

*NOTE: You will need a smartphone or WiFi-enabled computer in order to connect the device to WiFi.

Device Recharge Instructions

It's recommended to recharge the device nightly, to ensure that no information is missed.  To do this:

  1. Remove the bottom back section by pressing back on the three triangle protrusions

  2. Use the micro-usb cable to connect the device to a power source.

  3. After charging close the bottom by placing the bottom back section on with a small gap, then sliding it up. The bottom should fit very snugly, so press down when sliding in.


Note: When you first get the Track 2.0, place the fully charged battery in the device.

Wi-Fi Setup Instructions

When you first get your mytaptrack device, you need to connect it to Wi-Fi before you can complete registering it and configure it for a student. In order to do so you will need a smartphone or WiFi-enabled computer and your mytaptrack device.

Configure the device for WiFi Setup:


First Time WiFi Setup:

  1. Insert the battery

  2. The light on top of the Track 2.0 will start blinking purple.  Wait for the light to turn a solid purple

Steps to reconfigure:

  1. Click the Track 2.0 button seven times.  After 1 second the light will start blinking purple

  2. Click the Track 2.0 button seven times again.  After 1 second the light will turn solid purple

Connect the device to Wi-Fi:
  1. With a smart phone or a WiFi-enabled computer, search the list of available Wi-Fi.

  2. Select the Wi-Fi named “Mytaptrack” and use the password "Inspire1". NOTE: The network might take up to 30 seconds to show up in your list of Wi-Fi options

  3. After connecting browse to ""

  4. The webpage for the device will allow you to connect to your local Wi-Fi network

  5. Click the button on the device to complete Wi-Fi setup.  The device after sending all current information will restart.  Wait for the light to show a solid white color, followed by blinking blue then the LED will turn off, and the device is ready for use.

Registering Device to a Student

You must register and configure your device for an existing student. The following steps will lead you through that process.



  1. Log into the mytaptrack® portal

  2. Select the student for device registration

  3. Click "Settings" from the tool bar at the top of the page

  4. Click the "Devices" tab

  5. Click the "Register Device" button, or select "+ Register Track 2.0"

  6. Follow the instructions to register your device

  7. Once its registered, select the behaviors for each click count from the behaviors you’ve created for that student


Note: If you want to connect the Track 2.0 to a new student, create that student first, then use the prior steps.

Connecting the Device to Multiple Students

In the case where you plan have to track multiple students in a single classroom, we’ve designed the device to easily switch between students with voice commands.  In order to use this capability though, you need to configure your single device for multiple students.



  1. After registering your device for the first student, click the "Setup Code Word" link on the device configuration screen

  2. Hold down the Track 2.0 button and wait for the light to turn green.

  3. Say "Set switch to" then say the code word you want to use for the student

  4. Release the button and confirm the specified code word is now shown on the Track 2.0 settings. If something is mispelled, it is fine, as that is how the system is interpretting what was said.

Note: Codewords are spelled for phonetic correctness. When creating your codeword, we recommend that you test out the codeword by saying "Note switch to <codeword>".  This will insert the codeword as a note the student's notes allowing you to verify that the codeword will work as you intend.  An example of this would be saying “Student 1” and finding out that the code word is actually “Student One”.

Taking Notes

Capturing qualitative data can help identify patterns or communicate detailed observations of symptoms. To do this, the device must be registered to a student.



  1. Hold down the device button

  2. Wait for the light to turn green

  3. Immediately say "note" then talk for up to 12 seconds

  4. When you're finished release the device button

  5. The light will blink green to indicate that the note was understood and is being processed.

Switching Students

The device can switch between multiple students to accommodate larger classrooms.  To do this you need to have first configure the device for multiple students in the mytaptrack portal.



  1. Hold down the device button​

  2. Wait for the light to turn green

  3. Immediately say "switch to" then say the codeword you configured for the student

  4. Release the device button

  5. Wait for LED light to turn green

Device LED Color Key

The mytaptrack device has 6 colored indictors.

Red: Error or failure to communicate

Green: Data sent successfully

Blue: Communication in progress

Solid Purple: Wi-Fi Hotspot for configuring the device

Blinking Purple: The device is getting configuration mode setup

Orange: An update is being installed

White: The device has started

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