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Increased Success

Teaching is a challenging job, which involves a lot of roles all wrapped up into the job of Teacher.  This emphasis puts a lot of pressure on the teacher to be great at communicating, behavior analysis and modification, social work, medical triage and so much more.  At the same time, we know that people are more successful as a team, collaborating together towards common goals.

What if we could make everyone around the teacher more effective, while asking the teacher to do less, and focus more on teaching?


Finding the right question

Asking the right question often requires having enough information.  A great example of this is when a student in Washington had behavior issues during reading.  After using mytaptrack® the IEP team got together and looked at the data.  The student's mother noticed that there was a cluster of behavioral issues every day in the last 15 minutes, but otherwise the behavior looked fine.  She brought this up to the team, and after a short discussion the teacher pointed out that the last 15 minutes of class was when they did writing.  It turned out the student had a writing issue, which was causing him to disengage from the class work.


A school in New Jersey found that by using mytaptrack, the Special Education Teachers could check in on a child throughout the day, giving them the ability to better support the child without interrupting the class.

This same approach can be used by Administrators, Behavior Analysts, Therapists and even Parents. By making it possible for the larger team to see what's going on, each role can more effectively ask questions and find solutions which work.

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