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Quantitative Difference

There's a significant difference when a meeting with other teachers, administrators and parents starts off with looking at tangible data.  Collaboration starts when everyone involved is talking from a common foundation, based in tracked events, which happened at precise points in the day.  Then opinions can be formed, challenged and verified regardless of discussing an increase or a sustained pattern of behavior.


As the meetings continue, asking how often, and when in a class behaviors occur can be answered with the data, which is tracked down to the second.  This allows the conversation to focus more on asking clarifying questions about the data, allowing the teacher to add more of the qualifying information either through the use of notes, or verbally.  Data points also serve as a reminder to the teacher as to when events happened and what was going on.

All while you have more time

Imagine a world where you can get this level of detail, remove barriers from children, collaborate more effectively with coworkers, administrators and parents. 


Imagine a world where this is easier than what you have to do now, where you get to focus on the most important job in the world, teaching.

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