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Better Data and Better Communication for Better Outcomes

Simplify behavior tracking and get the best information to ask the questions that will change lives.


Behavior occurs

Behaviors impact the child's education and the classroom as a whole.


Click the button

Simply clicking the mytaptrack® button immediately tracks and communicates the behavior to the entire team



By getting better data you and your team can ask better questions and get the right support to help the child succeed.

Remove the barriers for student engagement

For students, engagement is critical for success.  Behavior issues can often be a barrier to participation.  Using mytaptrack® allows a team to better identify when and what is causing the behavior.  Even when you know the issues, minor successes are hard to see, as they're often tied to the environment.  The dashboard and charting capabilities of mytaptrack® has can help show these minor successes, and help your team build the student's ability to engage.

Increased Success

Quantitative real-time data makes education teams work more effectively and successfully.

Data Driven Meetings

Conversations which start with data can improve relationships, results and children's success. 

Classroom Support When needed

Real-time notifications makes giving the right support more realistic.


Learning Environment

Track IEP Goals both in the remove home environment and in the school environment

Get Outside Support Faster

With the right data, students and teachers can get faster support from Behavior Analysts and Doctors

Impacts of mytaptrack®


For the team supporting the child in the classroom, symptoms and behaviors provide essential clues to help the child succeed. Tracking symptoms and behaviors at home and school with the mytaptrack® device allows the whole team to have the best information and provide better support.


Planning for classrooms, staffing and support in a school is challenging, especially if you don't have the data to drive decisions.  For schools and districts, mytaptrack® allows for more data driven decision making, and cost saving changes to how children are supported.

ABA Support

mytaptrack® is designed for Applied Behavior Analysis facilities, autism spectrum disorder centers, and all medical professionals providing diagnosis, treatment and therapy for children with disabilities. Use HIPAA-compliant mytaptrack® to monitor the effectiveness of treatments for kids with special needs. 

Allow teachers to be engaged

By using mytaptrack®, teachers are more involved with their students rather than what they have to remember to write down later.  Teachers can use mytaptrack® to track both events and durations, focusing more of their attention on what they're teaching.