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Progress monitoring (Interventions & Targets)

Track the response to any intervention (RTI) or monitor progress toward a target allowing for quick, actionable educational decisions, easy IEP management, and insight to make longer term treatment plans and establish consistent and continual progress monitoring under any instructional delivery model.

Compliance Assurance

Our system makes reporting out, progress monitoring compliance, IEP and BIP management easier and more accurate. Our partnership gives peace of mind your students are learning in a low restrictive environment.

Communication & Coaching

The mytaptrack® solution provides a common language and deep insight allowing experts to be experts. The data empowers teams to coach and support one another to improve learning outcomes for children regardless the instructional model being implemented during uncertain educational times. Educators can empower parents to best help their child while reducing stress...the possibilities are endless.

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HIPPA/FERPA compliant

We adhere to the strict medical grade regulations outlined in HIPPA/FERPA, giving you confidence you're in compliance.

Game Changing Features

Simple, accurate tracking

Send data on frequency and duration to mytaptrack® for up to five behaviors, where the data becomes instantly actionable.

Instant verbal note taking

Attach a 12 second verbal note to any tracked behavior directly from the device. The note will be transcribed and time stamped in mytaptrack® saving massive amounts of time and increasing accuracy of the information being recorded.

No cost upgrades

Our passionate teams are constantly working to improve the customer experience. Upgrades and enhancements will always be seamlessly included during a current subscription at no additional cost.

Offline mode

Behaviors can be tracked anywhere at any time, regardless of Wi-Fi connection. Once connected to a known Wi-Fi network, the data tracked will be securely sent to the dashboard for analysis.

Fully customizable

The mytaptrack® solution complements any behavior management program, strategy, as well as any special education management approach. Our specialists help you design implementations to meet your needs.

Immediate notifications

Customizable alert settings set to keep the right SAT members completely in touch which reduces response times and the costs of over staffing.

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