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  • How does mytaptrack work?
    mytaptrack is an IoT (Internet of Things) button you can click to track a symptom or behavior of a child with special needs or disabilities. The number of clicks is sent through the cloud to the online mytaptrack platform where it is logged and graphed for your viewing.
  • How do I involve my child's school district or medical facility?
    If you don't have a mytaptrack button, email to request a Free Introduction for your child's school or medical facility. If you have a button, follow the steps in the instructions that came with the Track 2.0.
  • How many mytaptrack buttons does each child need?
    mytaptrack subscriptions typically include one button per child. If you require more than one button per child we may be able to accommodate your request — email for details. The Track 2.0 has the capability to support multiple students with a single button using the voice command "switch to" and a codeword for the child.
  • How do I set up a mytaptrack button?
    To set up a mytaptrack button, follow the instructions on the Welcome card in the box. Email if you need additional assistance.
  • How do I customize a mytaptrack button?
    After registering the Track 2.0, you will be able to setup the behaviors for each number of clicks for up to five behaviors.
  • How do I register a mytaptrack button?
    Log in to the mytaptrack online platform and click the child's name on the main page, then click "Settings." Under "Devices," click "Register Device" and follow the steps. You will be asked to designate the number of clicks for each symptom or behavior.
  • Is mytaptrack placed on my child's body?
    There's no requirement for mytaptrack to be worn.
  • How do I add or delete a child's name in the mytaptrack online platform?
    Click "+" on the student navigation of the online platform to add a child. To delete a child's name, delete all team members from the child's account, which blocks access to the child's data. All data is permanently deleted from the system within 90 days.
  • How do I add or delete a child's symptoms or behaviors in the mytaptrack online platform?
    Click the child's name on the main page of the online platform, then click "Settings." Click "New Behavior" to add a new symptom or behavior. You cannot delete a symptom/behavior from the platform because it may cause previously experienced data to be unrecoverable.
  • How do I track the duration of a child's symptom or behavior in the mytaptrack online platform?
    Click the child's name on the main page of the online platform, then click "Settings." Click "New Behavior" to add a new symptom or behavior. Select the toggle box for "Duration Tracking." You may also change an exisiting behavior to "Duration Tracking" by selecting the toggle box.
  • How do I add or delete a child's activity or event in the mytaptrack online platform?
    Click the child's name on the main page of the online platform, then click "Settings." Click "+Add" and select "Add Activity" or "Add Event" from the drop-down menu. Enter the details and click "Add." To delete an Activity or Event, click the trash icon next to it.
  • How do I add or delete a child's team member (relatives, educators, medical professionals, etc.) in the mytaptrack online platform?"
    Click the child's name on the main page of the online platform, then click "Settings." Click "Add Team Member" and enter their email address and role. Click "Invite" to send the team member an invitation to join your team. In the invitation they will be prompted to log in to mytaptrack and join the team. Current team members are notified when a new member joins the team. To delete a Team Member, click the x next to their name on the Settings page.
  • How do I set up a child's dashboard?
    Each child is automatically set up with the graphs that visualizes what is being tracked for them. Set up of a child with an IEP or a behavior plan should take less than 5 minutes. Behaviors and durations can be hidden, shown or calculated based on the individuals preferences using the "Dashboard Settings" button.
  • Can I limit access to specific behaviors or activities on the portal?
    Yes. On mytaptrack, you can limit which behaviors can be seen and can configure specific rights based on the role someone plays on the child's team.
  • Who owns the data?
    As part of the security measures around mytaptrack we operate under HIPAA restrictions. These restrictions place ownership of the data collected with the subscription owner. We cannot sell the data, and can only use the data for the purposes of helping the student. This can be further reinforced by signing a Business Associate Agreement with mytaptrack, adding further weight to HIPAA compliance.
  • How do I manually add data to the mytaptrack online platform?
    In a child's daily schedule view, click "Add Activity/Event" to manually input any data not tracked with a mytaptrack button.
  • How do I set up a student's class schedule?
    If you're using the basic mytaptrack account, class schedules can be set up with the Schedule tool. This tool allows you to automatically populate class schedules based on the day of the week, or through a dropdown menu located on the daily details view for that student.
  • How do I download data from the mytaptrack online platform into a Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel document?
    In the child's daily schedule view, click "Download" to export a week or a month's worth of data to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.
  • How do I turn email notifications on or off in the mytaptrack online platform?
    Navigate to the child's Settings and select the "Behaviors" tab. For each behavior there are options to subscribe to notifications for yourself.
  • How big is the mytaptrack button?
    The Track 2.0 is 4" x 1.2" x 1".
  • How long does the mytaptrack button battery last and how do I replace it?
    The Track 2.0 battery usage is based on how much it is used. It is highly encouraged to use a recharchable Lithium Ion AA battery, as these will last the longest with the Track 2.0. To replace a battery, the bottom of the device can be removed to access the battery compartment.
  • What should I do if a mytaptrack button isn't working?
    Since mytaptrack buttons must be connected to Wi-Fi to operate, follow the steps on the Welcome card in the box to double-check your Internet connection. Also, you must repeat these steps whenever you move the button to a new Wi-Fi location. If you're still experiencing issues, email for technical support. We will either troubleshoot the problem with you or send you a new button, along with a return envelope for your old button. When you receive your new button, log in to your mytaptrack online platform and unregister your old device before shipping it back to us.
  • What should I do if I lose a mytaptrack button?
    We are happy to replace a lost button; however, guidelines apply. Email for more details.
  • Does mytaptrack offer technical support for school IT personnel?
    We have a technical support playbook available for school IT personnel, as well as direct support by phone and via Zoom meetings. For special cases, in-person support may be available if you are local to our company headquarters.
  • What is HIPAA compliance and why is it important?
    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA is a federal act that protects the privacy of healthcare data. mytaptrack is HIPAA compliant to ensure the safety of a child's healthcare data.
  • How do I contact mytaptrack?
    For all kinds of support, email Additionally, our mailing address is: Inspired Futures AI, LLC P.O. Box 822 Enumclaw, WA 98022
  • What is FERPA compliance and why is it important?
    The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or FERPA is a federal act that protects the privacy of educational data. mytaptrack is FERPA compliant to ensure the safety of a child's educational data.
  • What is CIPA compliance and why is it important?
    The Children's Internet Protection Act or CIPA is a federal act that protects children from harmful online content on a device screen. Since mytaptrack does not include any screens and does give children access to the Internet, CIPA compliance is not applicable.
  • How do I remove my email address from the mytaptrack mailing list?
    Email or if available, click "Unsubscribe" in the footer of the marketing email to be removed from our mailing list.
  • How do I cancel a mytaptrack subscription?
    Email to cancel your subscription. We will respond within 10 business days. Your online platform data will be kept safe in our system for up to one year should you decide to return. Please note, canceling your subscription will not delete you from a team if you are not the main subscriber. If you are a team member who no longer wishes to receive notifications, you must request to be deleted from the team by the main subscriber.
  • Does mytaptrack require the school to share information with the parent directly
    On mytaptrack, it is up to the school as to how to use the device and the platform. While there are definitely benefits for directly sharing with caregivers, doctors and others on the child's larger team, there is no requirement to do so. Through the portal, graphs can be printed out for review purposes, and used as part of the documentation for an IEP meeting.

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