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Simplifying the Behavior Management Process

Educators capture behavior data in real time as it occurs. The data is immediately available in a portal that is HIPAA & FERPA compliant allowing team members to provide the right support at the right time.

Progress Monitor Interventions & Targets

Allows for quick decisions, easier IEP and/or BIP management, reporting out, and insight to help improve future educational or treatment-based planning.

Compliance Assurance

Our system makes reporting out, progress monitoring, IEP and BIP management easier and more accurate. Our partnership gives peace of mind your students are learning and making gains.

Communication & Coaching

The mytaptrack® solution provides a common language and deep insight allowing experts to be experts. The data empowers teams to coach and support one another to improve learning outcomes for children regardless the instructional model being implemented during uncertain educational times. Educators can empower parents to best help their child while reducing stress...the possibilities are endless.

HIPAA/FERPA compliant

We adhere to the strict medical grade regulations outlined in HIPAA/FERPA, giving you confidence you're in compliance.

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