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Simplifying IEP Support and Management

Progress Monitoring

Document and report progress on IEP/BIP goals and targets. Use the data to plan and write future goals.

Simplified Compliance

Data is captured and reported in a secure portal creating assurances with compliance mandates.

Embedded Professional Development

Deliver realtime, micro-doses of PD and coaching that are relevant, meaningful and immediately impactful.

Realtime Actionable Reporting

Data recorded at the time of occurrence instantly empowers the entire support team to accelerate decision making.

Gaining Instructional Hours

Trade the double work, manual entry, fuzzy recall, and clock watching for focused, impactful planning and instruction.


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Tasha Bennett
Adaptive Behavior Specialist Huffman Elementary

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A family of tools for a variety of challenges

Track 2.0
  • Discrete

  • Comprehensive

  • Efficient

Browser Tracker
  • Descriptive

  • Fluid

  • School/Home Tracking

  • Distance Learning

  • Momentary Time Sampling

  • Common Language

Impacts of mytaptrack®

Students & Parents
  • Better Student Outcomes

  • Home/School Communication

  • Better Understanding of Services

  • Stronger Support of IEP/BIP Goals

  • Monitor Progress to Goals

  • Less Stress and Anxiety

Classrooms & Other Learning Environments
  • Better Student Outcomes

  • Eliminate Double Work

  • Gain Hours of Instructional Time

  • Stronger Focus on Teaching

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Valuable Insights

  • Better Student & Teacher Support

  • Less Stress and Anxiety

Schools & Districts
  • Better Student Outcomes

  • Comprehensive Documentation

  • In-depth Reporting

  • Staffing & Efficiency

  • Greater Communication

  • Professional Development

  • Timely Evaluations 

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Makes Compliance Easier

  • Less Stress and Anxiety