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Introducing mytaptrack® Track 2.0

Seamless School Wi-Fi Experience

mytaptrack® has reworked the Wi-Fi experience to make our button function more seamlessly with your school's existing network capabilities, eliminating extra IT efforts.

Track up to 5 behaviors

The new device has the ability to track up to five different behaviors by clicking the device between 1 - 5 times.  We've eliminated the press and hold tracking.

Offline Mode

Behaviors don't always happen when Wi-Fi is available, so on Track 2.0 we've added the ability to track behaviors no matter where you are.  After tracking, the device will wait until it can connect to a known Wi-Fi network to send the data collected.  This makes tracking easier when at recess or if your school has spotty Wi-Fi.

Track more behaviors more quickly

With mytaptrack® Track 2.0 we've eliminated the wait time between the tracking of behaviors.  After clicking the button, wait for 1 second and you can start clicking the button again, even if the blue light is flashing.

Free Upgrades

Even if your school already has mytaptrack®, you will be eligible for upgrades at no charge.  We're constantly working to improve our customer's experiences and have set the system up so our customers always get the full capabilities of mytaptrack®.

Take notes immediately

mytaptrack® Track 2.0 has the capability to transcribe notes real-time.  This allows educators to capture information at the time it occurs, reducing the effort to write detailed reports at the end of the day.

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