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Count the moments that shape children with special needs

Track & share symptoms and behaviors on a HIPAA & FERPA-compliant platform for parents, schools and doctors. LEARN MORE >> 

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mytaptrack® is a click-touch button and online platform for tracking the symptoms and behaviors of children with special needs. mytaptrack® is easy to use, and gives parents, schools and doctors a smart way to share knowledge in real time.


For special needs moms and special needs dads, symptoms and behaviors provide essential clues to your child's well-being. Track your special needs child's symptoms and behaviors at home and school with our safe, non-wearable device.

Request a Free mytaptrack Introduction for your child's school.


mytaptrack makes teachers' and school administrators' lives easier. Use FERPA-compliant mytaptrack to simplify your data monitoring, collection and recording process. Discover how you can improve your special education IEP meetings and overall classroom experience. Get a Free 3-Month Trial for your school while supplies last.


mytaptrack is designed for Applied Behavior Analysis facilities, autism spectrum disorder centers, and all medical professionals providing diagnosis, treatment and therapy for children with disabilities. Use HIPAA-compliant mytaptrack to monitor the effectiveness of treatments for kids with special needs. Get a Free 90-Day Trial for your facility while supplies last.


Something special happens when you bring a child's special needs support team together. 


Scott Meyer, Westwood Elementary School Principal 

Enumclaw, WA

"mytaptrack brought the data to life and allowed for meaningful conversations about student progress and needs. 

The data is presented in a variety of ways and easy to read."


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