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Student Behavior Tracking Solution

Individual & Personal

Team & Collaborative

mytaptrack® enhances behavior intervention programs by simplifying and automating student behavior tracking to drive immediate data and team-based support decisions.

Simple & Secure Tap Tracking

Simple to use, simple to setup & rapid impacts to the classroom with minimal training.

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Real-time insights and alerts

Automatic dashboards and reports focuses the student's support team on outcomes rather than tracking process.

Simple, Powerful Student Behavior Tracking
Allowing schools to do things not previously possible...

Accelerated & Proactive Support

Resolve critical behavioral situations before they become a crisis, and uncover trends in behavior to refine interventions and services leading to improved outcomes.

Student Safety

Disruptive behaviors, physical restraints, and classroom evacuations are drastically reduced.

Simplified Compliance

Individualized student behavioral reports and comprehensive, consistent data provide evidence of success.

Parent Trust & Involvement

Accurate data captured at the time behaviors occur leads to stronger parent cooperation.

Save Time

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Simple tools easily capture behaviors as they occur.

Track 2.0
  • Discrete

  • Comprehensive

  • Efficient

Mobile Apps
Browser Tracker
  • Descriptive

  • Fluid

  • School/Home Tracking

  • Distance Learning

  • Momentary Time Sampling

  • Common Language

Secure Student Data

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What are mytaptrack® educators saying?

"I was able to improve a child's behavior because I can track what time they became upset/angry. We found a pattern and were able to adjust their schedule to better fit their needs."

"It allows me to track behavior silently, so others don't know.  It also allows for me to remind students of goals or redirect as I'm tapping without them having to get up and move a clip, etc.  I believe that the more data we have the better they are supported."

"The system is so easy to use already so I'm not sure what else would make that more effective."

"It has helped me to analyze which areas of my day are less structured, how students are responding to different degrees of structure, and the data that comes from it has been very beneficial during parent conferences."

"I can get support quickly when necessary. Having the data helps me to help them, as well as getting their parents on board, as they have a hard time arguing with real time information."

"mytaptrack has helped me get support before situations escalate."

"Since the tracker is so easy to use, I was able to focus more on the situation rather than taking notes. I was easily able to track the behavior and resolve the situation."

"I can look for behavior patterns with the data.  I can also easily record behaviors with the voice memo. The availability of the need help now button is great!  It keeps me from having to use the walkie talkie and broadcast what is going on, and the student and classmates don't have to hear me ask for help."

"Support is provided before it is a crisis situation which allows ALL students to continue to stay in the classroom and engaged in the material."

Students & Parents
  • Better Student Outcomes

  • Home/School Communication

  • Better Understanding of Services

  • Stronger Support of IEP/BIP Goals

  • Monitor Progress to Goals

  • Less Stress and Anxiety

Learning Environments
  • Better Student Outcomes

  • Eliminate Double Work

  • Gain Hours of Instructional Time

  • Stronger Focus on Teaching

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Valuable Insights

  • Better Student & Teacher Support

  • Less Stress and Anxiety

Schools & Districts
  • Better Student Outcomes

  • Comprehensive Documentation

  • In-depth Reporting

  • Staffing & Efficiency

  • Greater Communication

  • Professional Development

  • Timely Evaluations 

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Makes Compliance Easier

  • Less Stress and Anxiety

mytaptrack® mission
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The mytaptrack Story

My son Owen is autistic, and had a history of experiencing absence seizures when first entering kindergarten. In the first four hours of his first day of school my wife got a call wanting to set up a meeting. Within two weeks we were pushed to move him out of his general education classroom. Within two months he was spending the majority of his time in an isolated learning environment. It wasn't until his first IEP meeting that I realized something was broken. During his first school evaluation, the team had documented Owen having significant symptoms of absence seizures, but they had never communicated those back to us. After receiving the data, Owen’s neurologist was able to prescribe a change in medication to treat Owen’s seizures. I knew there had to be a better way to capture information that would improve Owen's educational outcome and allow everyone to improve his overall potential. This led me to develop mytaptrack.

-Nikody Keating, Founder and CEO, mytaptrack

The mytaptrack Mission

Every child deserves an inspired future, and children with special needs are no exception. We're committed to helping over 7 million kids special needs succeed in the classroom and beyond. We can achieve this by including them in the classroom experience, understanding their behaviors, and sharing accurate data between parents, schools and doctors in real time.